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  • So there are a few questions going around as to the longer term plans for the server, and how we are handling things. Currently there are no set in stone plans, and what we are doing may change / shrink / grow.


    Currently we are running the "Old Style" server as it were. We have updated the old CJFreedomMod to be 1.11.2 ready, and made some other small tweaks to make the plugin functional. This is how the server will operate until the new plugins are ready to go.

    We are also using this server to help test some other fun plugins for the server and other technologies ready for the bigger launch. You can think of the server right now as in a "Beta" state of running.

    The Next Step:

    The next step for us is to release our new custom Freedom plugin that @Hockeh is currently working on. This will initially run on a single server (As we are now), however will be built with the capacity to automatically and dynamically increase the capacity on the server, meaning if say we have a…
  • I would like to welcome on board our two latest managers who will help to continue driving the CJFreedom Network to new strengths, and growing what we have into something even more amazing.

    @Ninjablue1 is joining the management team and will focus around a lot of the day-to-day advertising and administrator management for the Freedom servers

    @Hockeh is coming on board to the management team and will focus around leading the exclusive custom plugins development in new and exciting ways, along with the creation of new and amazing game modes that we look forward to releasing in the near future!

    Please join me in welcoming them aboard, and I look forward to seeing where we can go with these two amazing people joining the Management team!
  • Due to recent demand, I am very pleased to announce that we are re-opening the server. So strap in, get your hype train's going as we're back TOMORROW!

    We were going to hold off a little longer, but given the recent demand and some recent issues on other all-op servers, we wanted to come back and we wanted to come back with no warning, and no mercy.

    We are currently re-working our ranks, and we will be running the "Classic" CJFreedom Maps, with the Classic CJFreedom plugin sets. So get hypes everyone!

    You will be able to get to us tomorrow from 3PM UK Time on play.thecjgcjg.com so get it in your server list, we're coming back people!
  • Hi All,

    I am pleased to announce that a set date has now been decided for the release of the brand new DarthCraft server. We will be launching the new DarthCraft server on the 4th March 2017 at Mid-Day UK Time.

    I hope you will all join us in welcoming the new server to our network, its been a lot of work to get it up and running, and we still have a lot of work before the launch date, but we are getting there now!

    Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to see you all online!

    - Ryan
  • Hello Everyone,

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that the CJFreedom Network forums are now launching a VIP Member scheme that is exclusive to the forums. This is a subscription service that will give members that are part of this subscription service access to some unique VIP only features, including a private discussion board, private announcements, an add-free experience (Add's are coming soon sadly... This place cannot pay for its self otherwise...) and some other really cool in game perks that we are going to be launching soon.

    This subscription is £2.00GBP Per month, and is something that we will be growing over the coming months to bring even more features. We are currently looking into in-game donation plans, however for the time being this will be the main way you can donate to the project.

    If you wish to sign up for the VIP service, all you need to do is click your name at the top left of any page on the forums, click "Paid Subscriptions" and follow the on-screen…